Can I remove default programs?

Hi there. I am new to EndeavourOS after using Linux Mint and Ubuntu for a very long time.

I have read before that removing the default programs of your Linux system can damage it in some way.

I want to replace Mousepad and Parole media player with Gedit and Celluloid, can I remove it and install these?


You can remove them as long as nothing else is dependent on them.

It seems unlikely that anything depends on parole or mousepad but you can check with pactree -r

For example:

pactree -r mousepad

If it returns only mousepad then you can remove it. If it returns other results than you will have to either keep it or remove those things as well.


Thanks for the reply! I will check the packages using the command and remove them.

It’s your computer and you’re running a Free (as in freedom) Operating System. You can remove whatever software you want.


Lots of choices out there. Mousepad replacements for use in XFCE include leafpad (allows sudo editing when needed, featherpad (matches gedit features pretty much - without CSD, xed and others. I suggest you take a look to find what you WANT to use, as there are a lot of opportunities to use it!

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