Can I move app icons forward in Gnome applications menu?

My Gnome applications menu currently has 5 pages. I scroll mouse wheel to navigate pages. As seen below, I ve hid several apps with the app hider extension yet the other icons were not moved forward. The result is inefficient. It should actually be 3 pages instead of 5 if I could remove the blank spaces.






If it was just one file I would think it would be fairly easy to edit out the blank spaces…anyone have an idea to fix this?

Problem solved. I should have tried the obvious. I clicked and held icon, and dragged it to the left, It showed the previous page. It then changed to the previous page, and I released the icon. It populated.

I use alphabetical app grid and there’s no spaces either. Plus, I prefer alphabetical instead of . . . whatever the grid comes.

BEWARE though - if you try it and turn it off. . . you app grid will in fact stay in alphabetical order.****


I found a way to remove all the clutter earlier today. Im onmy phone so I cant get name of extension but it lets one make folders in the a menu. So many apps I never use will go in a folder. i ll make folders by app type and bring menu down to one page.

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