Can I just backup /boot/grub and then restore it?

Can I just backup it with a timeshift/dejadup or manually copy it before another update could broke the GRUB again?
For just simply loading in to liveUSB ISO and pasting it on a place of a broken one /boot/grub folder without chroot and stuff.

No way. Learn to understand how it works. The Arch Wiki is the best place for that.

Ideal learning-curve:
Install Arch Linux the ArchWiki way, just for once to get it working!

I know already this few commands for chroot from a LiveUSB

mount /dev/sda1 /mnt # sda1 is mine root partition
chroot /bin/bash # /bin/zsh also should work, isn't it?
grub-install # that's it

I’m just curios why not to use a backup instead of a re-installation?

In the specific case of this issue that just occurred, yes, that would have resolved this issue.

However, that may not be a general solution to solving grub issues.



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I disagree with you on this. I have installed Arch the Arch way and every other way you want to call it. It doesn’t really help you to understand everything when a problem happens whether it’s grub or some other issue. Reading the Arch wiki doesn’t always help either. It can or it can’t or it doesn’t. Depends on the problem, on the persons knowledge, experience and understanding. Just because someone installs Arch doesn’t mean they will understand it either.


Ok. For me, it just was the ideal learning curve, when first installing Arch. Granted, it happened after many years of multi-booting other distros and often having to deal with system-crashes due to my own personal lack of kknowledege. That included having to re-install grub more often than enough, going through the agony of using grub-customizer, and learning to recover from that, etc. pp.

So yes, you are right.


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