Can I have my wallpaper back?

Hi :slight_smile:

I installed Endevaour and once I updated, it had replaced the default wallpaper.
I prefer the previous one and I think an update should update existing applications without changing the settings and personalisation, in case it is possible.

I tried to find it online, while it seems to be only exist with the menu and so on.
Can anybody share me the original files of this one?

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Is it not still at /usr/share/endeavouros/splash.png

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Start the welcome app from system. Then click on EndeavourOS wallpaper.

This one will not be the one you will get on welcome, welcome will put the EndeavourOS DE specific wallpaper but you will find the one under

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Yeah, thanks, that worked. And why is it not here?
In the normal wallpaper settings, when I choose the background folder?
That would have made it way easier :smiley:

Thanks a lot

You have to browse to that folder if you want to go that route.

XFCE4 do hardcore default wallpaper, so we need to cheat and symlink EndeavourOS to be used instead of XFCE4 default mouse wall …
And also XFCE4 settings do not show the folder on first open it, but will do after one time choosing it manually

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Is it planned to correct this?

this is related to systemstructure fir archlinux and packages, we can not change this, xubuntu is using xdg folder to vonfigure this but arch is using skel for preconfigure not 100% compatible eith XFCE4 in this case

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That the default wallpaper gets overwritten at the update, I mean.