Can I get some encouragement for tomorrow?

First ever “real” job interview for a tech position maintained Linux systems of SQL and MongoDB databases.

Any tips to aces the phone interview?


Great job, you keep believing in your abilities. Not an easy thing and a lot of people wouldn’t be able to do it.


Always be honest is my only tip, which is not much. So, on top of that: Good luck, you deserve it!


Just tell the truth and don’t lie tell him/her what your strategy and weaknesses are


A company’s talent acquisition team is generally staffed by generalists. In my experience (limited to non-tech roles), they make a quick decision as to whether or not you seem like the kind of person who is qualified for the role and are appropriately enthusiastic. I would not necessarily expect a forensic examination of your CV and experience to date - merely whether you know what SQL and MongoDB databases are and can speak confidently and enthusiastically about working with them. If you can do that, you will likely be invited to a round 2 interview with someone from the team you are applying to work with to determine if they like you or not. Depending on the company, there may be other stages as well. For stage 2 and onward, you will be interviewing with people who are working in the same space as you and you should expect tougher more probing questions about your skills as well as your personality fit.

The main tips I would give you are to 1) review the job spec and make sure you have relevant examples from your past work and college life that you can refer to for each of the core skill sets, 2) if there are gaps in your experience be sure you can explain how you will fill them within a reasonable time frame, 3) speak confidently and enthusiastically about the role (though don’t overdo it either).

People who actually work in tech, feel free to correct me if I’m talking rubbish but I assume that the above are universal in any skilled profession.


:sunglasses: :heart: you got this


I believe in you buddy :heart:

  • Be positive, don’t take the bait if they push you to be negative
  • Make it clear you are interested in the job
  • Don’t panic overly if you don’t know the answer to a question. Making up a random answer will seem worse than telling them you don’t know.

Be prepared to answer a few questions:

  • Why do you want to work for Epicor, specifically.
  • Why do you think you would be a good fit for the role
  • What are your weaknesses/areas for improvement(You want to have something that shows you have thought about it but not something serious. For example, talk about your lack of professional experience. They will already know that from your resume/CV)

Lastly, realize that weather you get the job or not, the interview process will be good experience for you.


Good luck hey, job interviews can be tough


Good luck and be yourself.


Good luck. The forum is cheering for you :wave:


Just don’t do what I did in my last interview.

I walk in see the guy sitting at the desk and say I am here you may begin worshiping. :grin:

Apparently that wasn’t what they were looking for. :crazy_face:

On A Serious note just relax be you and ask questions of them. Make sure they are a company worth your Blood, Sweat, Tears and Skills. Good Luck


I was taught to make my weaknesses into strength by explaining how I plan to address them. How would you change my lack of professional experience into a positive in a phone interview?

Also, long time no see! How’s life?

In this case I don’t think it matters much since you are telling them something they already know. However, one way you could address it would be by asserting your ability and enthusiasm to learn new things.

Good! How about you?

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I’ve been busy but things are looking good. Got my first car and my first job interview so not bad not bad.

I still remember you from Manjaro days. Are you taking a break from the admin stuff?

Update, I aced it!

Now to send that follow-up email in a few hours


Good to hear


NICE. Maybe give me some tips? :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: . Congrats.

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I would love to by saying to make a cheet sheet with example answers you want to give but the interviewer basically only asked questions I never wrote down so I had to improvise free style.

The best I can give is to practice small talk. Understand how to continue a conversation while adding bits and pieces of information, in this case your answers.


Good luck with the rest of the process. I made the career switch 4 years ago, and have loved every minute of it. Just make sure they know you will learn what you don’t know, and that you are passionate about what you do know. Realize that the ability to learn new technologies is the biggest strength you can have as a technologist.