Can I downgrade an AUR package?

I am having an issue with my network card on the latest version (Ethernet doesn’t work but wifi does). I am almost sure that it’s the problem source.
I am using the rtw89-dkms-git
Is it possible to downgrade that aur package ?
If i can access the cache (like the downgrade command) maybe it’s still there ?

How did you build/install/upgrade it?

If you used yay, the old packages will be in ~/.cache/yay

If you don’t have a cached copy of the old package you may be able to build an older version by modifying the PKGBUILD.

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I use pamac but for what i have searched tha aur packages are in tmp folder so no good luck for me. I guess my last solution is to modify the PKGBUILD

It has been ages since I used pamac but I think it may put them in /var/cache/pacman/pkg

Good practice IMHO to explicity set an AUR helper build directory, so that all your AUR package builds are persisted.

When you do this it is simply a matter of sudo pacman -U [AUR package] to downgrade to a specific version of a previously built AUR package.

Otherwise, as @dalto pointed out, you’ll have to manually mess around with the PKGBUILD, which is not ideal.

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From man yay

              Can be set to configure the build directory.

              Overridden by --builddir.

Is it like setting something like:


in /etc/environment ?

To permanently persist any yay setting setting use --save.

yay --builddir [path] --save

This will create ~/.config/yay/config.json, if it doesn’t already exist, and update the particular setting.

All helpers should have a similar build directory setting, for trizen it is --clone-dir and the config file is ~/.config/trizen/trizen.conf.


Thank you!

That driver package is for a wifi card, so it doesn’t affect Ethernet. This means it’s not the cause of an issue with your Ethernet connection.

This is another example of an XY Problem - instead of asking about an issue with your attempted solution, why not ask about the original problem?