Can I change the shutdown timer to 0, or better yet remove this dialog box completely?

What DE is that?

Check out this:


You can disable the shutdown and logout dialogs by running:

gsettings set org.gnome.SessionManager logout-prompt false

Note that with this setting your computer will be immediately shut down when you press Power Off…, so you won’t be able to use Power Off… to reboot. You can, however, run reboot in a terminal to reboot your computer.

To revert the setting run:

gsettings set org.gnome.SessionManager logout-prompt true

Alternatively, you could make keyboard shortcuts for:

poweroff >> systemctl poweroff
reboot >> systemctl reboot

These will immediately poweroff or reboot the system so make sure you have saved all your work previously. No prompt no cancel button.

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It s Gnome DE.

@Svartis: Thanks. Seems like that setting would be in dconf editor, but I can t find it.

Typical. As soon as I said I couldn t find it; I found it.

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lol dconf has everything.