Can I change my User Name? typo

You would think I could spell my Last Name Cencar. However, when I signed up to EOS forum I left the “c” out Cenar not Cencar. If it is possible can you fix it.

How is that?


I dont think adding/renaming a user is a problem,an%2520introduction%2520to%2520its%2520format.&ved=2ahUKEwjxgdeIkpr8AhURRvEDHaLPDzwQFnoECAsQBQ&usg=AOvVaw1fLPzI44dT0DA6EshfdkgC

To be clear, @Cencar is trying to change his username on the forum, not his Linux install.

Sorry :pensive:

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Is correct, I am trying to change my user name on the forum. It is correct some body must have updated it. Whoever you are thanks!

Is it good now?

@dalto Thanks :grinning:

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Just yesterday I was pronouncing your user name as “Cena” as in John Cena.

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