Can anyone here help reshade an SVG file?

Hi everyone, I’ve made a splash screen for EndeavourOS KDE and was wanting to do one for ARM however I am not very good at working with SVG files and was wondering if anyone here could change the colours on one file?

I could, depending on how complex the design is. I’d really have to see it first.

PS: Spend most of my art time in Krita, but I know my way around Inkscape. I use it for whenever I need text in my final piece.

It’s this one here i’ve tried to teach myself about SVG files but the info just doesn’t stick in my brain

Thanks for just offering to help, this is more for the ARM users than me

Is that a gradient I see?

Edit: just downloaded and opened it in Inkscape. Yep, a gradient. What are the hex/rgb values you need?


Similar to the red in this if possible

Finished, but. I can’t upload it here, apparently. Don’t have a GitHub account.


That’s just a regular image. Gonna try to find a service where I can share it. Will send the .png here in the meantime. Un momento.

By the way, the lighter grey from the image you sent is what I used for the trail/tail. The darker grey was used for the main circle.

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Nice, thank you for doing this and I’m sure there will also be some grateful ARM users. Can you send it through email? If so I can send you my email though a message

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Actually, try this and tell me if it works. It’s an open source file sharing service I just found on

And yeah, glad to help. :wink:

Seems to have worked, I’ll add it to the splash screen and share the results soon. Thanks for all help

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Nice! You’re welcome.

Just about to upload to github and will share the link soon

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Will also add to the thread where I normally share my splashscreens & will mention that this wouldn’t have happened without your help

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A slight edit to fix the logo

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