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I’m still very new to EOS and am 'playing’on a spare pc.
Everything works ok, except connection from my android tablet to calibre.
I think it’s a firewall issue, and have searched the forum for guidance.
I found

But as said still very new and not used to configuring firewalls.
Can someone point me at an idiots guide, as following the suggested fix, I still cannot connect from android to calibre, site not found error

What kind of Android device are you using? Funny enough what stumped me originally was that I had to change the usb settings on my Pixel 8. When you plug it in, you get a new menu option from the drop down list that says “Charging this device via USB”. When you tap that option, you can switch to a file transfer mode.

Now this is also on GOS so the settings may not match but perhaps you have something similar going on with your tablet.

Which firewall do you use? There are several out there like firewalld or ufw.

But let’s start at calibre. Make sure your server is running and working correctly.
Go to Preferences → Sharing → ‘Sharing over the net’.
There on the first tab you can see the server port (probably 8080) and at the bottom you should see buttons to start/stop/test the server.
Press the start button and it should write you an address for connection.
When you press the test button the computer will try to connect to calibre from the same computer so the firewall will not have an effect (very unlikely it would block the trafic).

You should access the server from a web browser and you should see your library.
If this is working on your server but not on your android device then you should suspect the firewall on the server (or your home network).

Thanks for the suggestion vikon.
I use the default firewalld.
On an old windows box, I get promoted on first use of calibre to make changes to the firewall, then I can connect to it wirelessly.
This points to the default EOS firewall that needs changing to allow connection.
I just don’t know how to do this

If you are sure calibre is setup correctly and you want to just open a port in the firewalld then check your default zone.

firewall-cmd --get-default-zone

And then add the rule

firewall-cmd --zone=zone_name --add-port port_num/protocol

For example

firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port 8080/tcp

See arch wiki for more examples.
I do not use firewalld so I am not sure about the correct syntax.

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Thanks vikon, that seems to have done the trick, and checking on arch wiki explained how to make the change permanent.

Brilliant :blush::blush::blush:

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