Calendar program recommendations

Need recommendations for a calendar program. Only need scheduling functionality and bullet lists so I can record my work for each day. I use both Windows and Linux so cross-platform would be great No need for synchronization between them although portable/no install would be nice.

I’ve been using Zim notes for the last few months but I’d like to use something more calendar oriented.


I use proton calendar. Works on my phone too!


Thanks. I should have mentioned that I’m trying to avoid online solutions. Something simple like Zim notes but with daily, weekly etc views. Something like a rudimentary stripped down MS Outlook (gasp).

So far my search has produced mostly online/web apps, a Thunderbird plugin and a Gnome calendar that doesn’t have a Windows version.

I used MineTime for quite a while and liked it.

Edit. Google search shows that it may be called morgen now. I have no idea if it’s any good still.

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Found it, I’ll check it out.

I second this, use it as well!


That’s what I came across, yes.