Caldav (todos) sync on i3, NextCloud


I’m trying to get my NextCloud Tasks instance to sync to GNOME Todo (if anyone knows an alternative, I would love to hear about it), but I can’t get it too work. When I was still using GNOME or KDE, they both had “Online Accounts” in their settings and when I logged in there to my NextCloud instance that would get the tasks sync to work. However, on i3 instance I don’t have this type of setting. So does anyone here know how I can get this to work in my i3 WM? I would prefer not using Thunderbird or another email client since I would like too have a seperate app for my todos.

Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

Thunderbird can also be used for calendar and adressbook sync with nextcloud without any addon.

May I have that googled for you? :wink:
Some suggestions without own knowledge as I do not use any of them:

Yeah, I tested those two apps actually. OpenTodoList sadly doesn’t sync with Caldav it syncs through WebDav uses its own system. For qownnotes that is only read only so you can’t add tasks or update them. :slight_smile:

Thats why I used to use GNOME todo with NextCloud sync. But I’m not sure how I would get working.

you can use GNOME and i3 together, there is i3-gnome as an option : it will start all GNOME stuff but you will have i3 as WM

and what is about the nextcloud apps?
Easily sync tasks from various devices with your Nextcloud and edit them online.