Calamares throws error

Just returning to EndeavourOS after an absence of some time. As I wanted the MATE Desktop environment, I clicked on the Download Community Edition icon and initially all seemed to go well. However, I then got the following message:

(6) Void Calamares :: RequirementsChecker :: report progress () Remainingmodule :: 1 “partition”

I waited for five minutes but all that happened was a repeat of the message.

I would appreciate advice, please?

The Mate edition is in the online installer. Not sure what happened? Did you even get to the part to select the desktop? Doesn’t seem so or you would have seen that there is no Mate in the Community Editions.


Reboot and try again. This time choose the normal installer and then online.

Probably not. It looks like it is failing during the Calamares initialization when it does the module checks.

Thank you, @ricklinux and @dalto for your prompt replies. Please accept my apologies for the lengthy delay in responding.

Shortly after posting my request for help, I purchased a Dell laptop with Windows 11 installed. I did have a choice of Windows or Ubuntu, but decided that it was about time I tried the former. Possibly the worst decision I have ever made in my life :slight_smile:

It is such a long time ago now that I cannot remember how far I got with the installation. All I can remember is that I chose to do an Online Install.

To cut a long story short, after my trials and tribulations in trying to come to terms with Windows on a new Dell laptop, I downloaded a new copy of EndeavourOS and did an Online Install on my Lenovo Thinkpad T450s. I am enjoying being back with EndeavourOS as my daily driver :slight_smile:

I’d like to give a “shout out” to Old Tech Bloke (OTB YouTube) who has done about five videos on Endeavour during the past two years. Here is the link to the latest one: Endeavour OS - The Only Arch Linux Distro You Will Ever Need - YouTube

I have started a new Topic relating to the problems I have experienced in trying to install EndeavourOS on the Dell.


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