Calamares not in the repository and potentially outdated documentation

Since version 3.2.22, Calamares has been updated to not stuck the progress bar at 24/27%, the slideshow and Wiki still says it does.

EndeavourOS uses 3.2.20, which means it missed that update in the May ISO by a short bit.

This means, the next release will likely contain the fixed version, which makes the slideshow and the Wiki both outdated.

Just a heads up.

Here are the Git commits, it has been tested on KaOS and working there, Adriaan has send me these commits in relation to the bespoken improvements.

I don’t know why, but this forum breaks the link in the preview, so I quote it:

Its those commits from 6th April, the unpackfs related.

P.S: In order to do so for this bug report, I could not check which version of Calamares is used, since it is not in the repos. I found that quite unusual, since I am used to like reinstall the Installer in live mode to test purposed and stuff.

In case it is not any extra effort in terms of packaging, do you think it does sound sane to add it?

It also felt a little bit of, to have a software in my installation, that I cant find a package for, in general.

We do use an extra repo for stuff only needed for the ISO. Updating calamares on ISO will work as we implement a script called calamares for testers what will install newer testing-version if existing.

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Do you know why the forum breaks the Github link when I post it without the above quote formation and so it becomes rendered as a preview?

I think it convert links to embedding code in a way, you can mark link and use button to insert link then it shows hyperlink directly

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Yes, true.
While it is probably not intended to break the link, is this something to report to the forum’s software?

I always forget the name of this one, Conversation or something, and written in Ruby?

May there is something in settings we could change, but on a short view I see nothing related.

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