Calamares, grub, systemd-boot

I realize this topic was broached by someone back in October, 2019. I was going to comment there, but the topic was closed. Basically, the issue is when installers for EndeavourOS and most other distros might be expected to include systemd-boot as an option at install time. Following the closed topic, it was an issue that was deflected upstream to the Calamares developers. So, I have two questions in that regard: What is the best way to contact relevant folks producing Calamares about this issue? How many/which other distros are using Calamares as the default installer? This has become a particularly hot topic in PopOS (System76 distro) of late, as System76 this last year moved from grub to systemd-boot for their installation of PopOS. This whole thing was exacerbated when the announcement was made to phase out PopOS 19.04 with a mandatory upgrade to 19.10. If one had a multiboot configuration on a System76 computer which included other Linux distros in parallel with PopOS, the upgrade broke the boot process for all installed systems. There are ways to get around this - a bit tedious - but if this is going to be an issue every 12 months or so with new system upgrades on installed distros, it becomes a real pain. What would be the best way to get the systemd-boot option to be common to most Linux installers? Would it be better to contact Calamares, in this case, or to get the PopOS folks to let grub continue to be an install option? I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, as this topic has been closed in the past - I, too, presented an issue 6 or 8 months ago about this with one of my System76 laptops, and got some great help on this forum - but it looks like it is becoming more than just a side issue of concern. I guess the real question for future development is whether systemd-boot is a fad/temporary trend, or a real option to consider for future Linux installations. Anyway, this has arisen for me the last few days on my System76 Adder laptop. I especially configured this beast to have enough beef to accommodate multiple systems - a system dedicated SSD, a “home directory” SSD, and a large HDD for archival and backup storage. I’d like to multi-boot this with PopOS, an Arch based system (EndeavourOS and/or ArcoLinux), and possibly another outlier (BSD?, Kali, or some such?). I had it working with both EndeavourOS and PopOS via grub until I upgraded Pop. It broke the boot process and I finally gave up, wiped out EndeavourOS, and reinstalled PopOS as the 19.10 version. Works fine as a standalone. Now I want EndeavourOS and possibly some other system installed along side. What to do? BTW, a real incentive to having PopOS installed on a System76 computer is that it has all the needed firmware/drivers needed to take advantage of NVIDIA gpu, keyboard tweaks, display hardware, and other bells and whistles the hardware has. I can get other distros to make stuff work, but its a timely process. Thanks for putting up with all the wordy blather, and any apropos comments will be appreciated. Thanks for you helpful forum and OS work!

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