Calamares crash when installing on a existing btrfs partition

Tried a simple install in a VM:

  1. Manual partitioning
  2. Keep existing btrfs partition
  3. Mount point = /
  4. Picked some basic KDE options

And get a crash when the existing partition is supposed to get mounted:

Looks like btrfs utils are not installed or something like that.

btrfs-progs package is installed on the ISO but may needed here:

I do already ask the question if we need all filesystem tools installed with the pacstrap module as they may needed already to generate kernel images and stuff… and packages from ISO are not available inside chroot …

@fernandomaroto ?

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oops sorry…
Yes, i guess we need to add them all, base and base-devel are not providing all expected packages for more complex installs as we can see…

of course a user that doesn’t plan to have btrfs-progs will have it anyway…
I hope we can find a solution for this in the future…

Do you want me to add more variables at pacstrap module to make more organized or just adding in the same variable is enough?

the line with the packages is already long, may adding a category for filesystem tools?

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Sure thing!
I made a prototype, we can make more variables, but may get messy too. Please take a look and tell me what you think.

Let me know once there is something I can test for you…

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