Caffeine-ng. . . . anything similar for Gnome?

Is there any app similar to Caffeine-ng that will stop my computer screen from taking me into the sign-in mode that it jumps into after a few minutes of inactivity? I’m using it in Cinnamon and it works great and prevents my system from going into standby mode when it’s inactive for a period of time. It’s a nuisance having to sign in when I’m away for short periods.

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I believe you can install caffeine-ng on Gnome. Also, there’s a gnome shell extension.

Won’t these settings work?

Screenshot from 2023-01-28 18-25-31

theres at least 4 extensions that do just that ,caffeine, espresso, inhibit suspend, keep awake, perhaps more

Thanks. . . .my bad. . . .never thought to look under power saving Options. . . .use to think this option was mostly for laptops with lousy short life batteries.

I have Caffeine-ng installed and don’t know what the difference is between Caffeine and Caffeine-ng. The Icon is in the menu but doesn’t activate or do anything. In Cinnamon it puts a desktop icon in the menu-bar which you can enable or disable.

Rich Thanks for the help.

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I use the caffeine extension. Works great!

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I love that extension too. Anything similar available for KDE?

Yes - right click on the battery/power thing, and select the box to prohibit sleep :wink:


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