Bus Error (Core Dumped) occuring frequently

I’m having the very same issue described over on stack exchange wherein multiple apps fail to launch. When attempting to launch in the terminal, I receive the following: zsh: bus error (core dumped) appname.

I attempted the solution in the stack exchange thread to no avail. The following apps have all failed in the same way:

  • Haruna
  • System monitor
  • VLC
  • MPV
  • Okular
  • Krunner

The issue seems more likely to occur if I have more than one instance of an application running. For example, I can currently only open two instances of Haruna before further attempts fail. System resource usage seems pretty normal. For what it’s worth, some basic system info:

64GB of RAM


  • I have tried running memtest86+, and btrfs check on all partitions. Neither show any errors.
  • I have also noticed that when one program fails to launch, others may also. For example, when I launch multiple instances of Haruna and it stops launching additional ones, I can no longer launch KRunner. When I close the Haruna instances, KRunner is able to launch.
  • A number of Arch users seem to have the same problem.

It seems to be KDE related, try their forum https://discuss.kde.org/