Buggy brightness on dedicated graphics

While stating this - do you two use the same hardware? … :thinking:

That I don’t know which is why i stated he could have an issue with something in his system.

How can you state such a thing, then?

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Where are the millions of others with the same issue?

Excuse me. Not on any Novidia myself, it sometimes isn’t so easy guessing the ins-and-outs of such “modern” systems. :v:

I am no Nvidia fan boy trust me I much prefer ATI now AMD. My laptop came with Nvidia which is the only reason I have it.

Honestly though neither of us is Helping the OP if we argue with each other. I would rather just try to help with the issue at hand. Which I unfortunately don’t seem to be able to do ATM.


Same here. :wink:

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I say we just go grab a beer and leave it to the pro’s :joy:


As always, troubleshooting is done by investigating system logs.

Since there is a difference between GPU boot modes, compare logs from succeeding and failing boots, looking for:

  • backlight names in /sys/
  • relevant journal messages
  • backlight values (amdgpu had an issue)

Maybe test different kernel backlight values, and reviewing logs.

When it is a system hw/sw singularity, it needs investigation by the user. Remote friends can only suggest things :person_shrugging: .

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Gooble gobble.
The production branch of nvidia drivers fixes the backlight issues.