Bug: Wifi adapter not found on EndeavorOS (windows dual boot)

I’m using EndeavorOS (gdm and gnome DE) dual booted with Windows. When I booted EndeavorOS, the wifi symbol on gnome panel was missing. Used gnome-control-center wifi to check the wifi settings, and it says “wifi adapter not found”. (Network manager is working fine, but it only supports wired connection.)

To solve this issue, I followed some lengthy threads on archlinux forum without any good result. I gave up and used windows instead. Windows didn’t have any problems connecting to wifi. After that I restarted my computer and booted EndeavorOS again, somehow wifi just worked normally and no more “wifi adapter” issue.

The problem is this happens quite frequently, like roughly 1 in 3 times. How might I solve this problem without booting windows every time?

Make sure on Windows you go into power management and disable the Windows Fast Startup feature.

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Thanks! I just disabled that, will update the thread if this doesn’t happen again!

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