Bug (?): Krita is default application for CSV files after install

I downloaded my bank statements and was surprised to see Krita starting up. This is a bug, right?

Also, hope I’m doing this right per the guidelines:

“If you are encountering an issue that is DE or app related, please post it in the dedicated category to keep it organized for us.”

EDIT: Better screenshot

Hmm, I have Krita installed and it never did this. I only just had a look to see what the default for CSV files was and LibreOffice Calc is it on my system with no changes. I have had some weird ones before though after installing some programs like this (can’t remember which ones)

Odd. I know I installed it alongside many others using the ‘common applications’ button in the “welcome to Endeavour” application. I have probably started Krita once before just to check it out. I know I have never entered ‘Default applications’ in system settings before just now, nor have I opened any CSV files before now.

EDIT: Just checked, Krita is not added as an application for any other random file types, that I can find, just this.

It may have something to do with the order it was installed but I really don’t know as I have had these installed on my system for quite sometime now.

I guess that’s possible. If LibreOffice wasn’t installed by default I’m pretty sure it was done at the same time using the same application.

It isn’t

Anyway, I guess the real question is why it’s registered at all, not why it’s the top pick :grinning:

Apologies, I guess that makes sense.

I will say that it’s a bad idea, because Krita throws an error when the CSV file’s contents aren’t as expected, even though the file is perferctly correct CSV. In other words: They have built their own standard on top of CSV and should have called it something else (.ksv!). But that’s not really relevant here, I guess. I will just shove it down the priority list.

Rather than pushing it down the list, you should probably remove it, as it is very unlikely you’ll ever want to open a .CSV file in Krita. Removing also reduces the clutter in the Open With menu.

If you ever need to do it, you can open Krita first, then drag and drop the file.

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