Budgie User Login Screen


I would like to say that I fall in love with Budgie DE; it is light and snappy. Now I have one question regarding the user login screen. When I turn on my laptop, the log in screen is exactly like that of the XFCE login user login prompt. But when my laptop goes to sleep or I suspend it, when I wake it up the user login prompt is different (it is that of Budgie).

Is this intended? Thank you all.

It looks like solus/budgie uses light dm for login and a fork of gnome screensaver for suspend

On arch could be budgie-screensaver?


Here another clue


Edit: full disclosure I am not a budgie user

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Part time Budgie lover here; Yes thats the correct behaviour.

Login is handled by LightDM. When you sleep or suspend, you don’t actually log out. The screen is locked by Budgie and so you see Budgie’s unlock page.

If you log out from Budgie, you’ll see the LightDM page again.


Login screen and Lock screen are two completely different things, that is why they look differently.


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