Budgie packaging?

Hi, is it normal that the arch packages for budgie desktop is identified as screenshot app?

You mean Budgie Screenshot (budgie-desktop) ? Since this is a screenshot tool for budgie-desktop, it should be classified as a screenshot tool, shouldn’t it?

Or what specifically is wrong in the screenshot you sent?

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I didn’t understand the question either.
budgie-screenshot will always be part of the budgie-desktop-view package…endeavour also ships with the (imo superior) gnome screenshot I default to that.
I’d tear it out but it will come with complications.
I’d tear out xreader pdf but nemo needs it as endeavour already has the better document viewer but I digress.

Sorry for the late reply.

I was wondering if the actual budgie-desktop package does exist, or is this a package naming issue? since pamac seem to identify it as Budgie Screenshot

Yes, that package exists. In general, I wouldn’t use pamac (this is a whole other discussion), either use yay or pacman from the cli directly to install packages.

If you want a GUI to search packages, you can always find archlinux packages here:

Alternatively AUR packages can be queried here:


with all due respect, recommending a website as a replacement for an gui app is like driving a nail with a pair of boots, but thank you regardless

This was not a recommendation as a replacement, it was just a tip as to where you can find more information on the various packages offered. Pamac (in my experience, your mileage may vary) can be a bit ambiguous, as your problem in the problem description shows.

However, pamac is not developed by the EOS team, so if you feel the pamac features are insufficient you should raise that to the Manjaro devs/ pamac maintainers.

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pamac is a product of Manjaro and is not officially supported here. @TheRaOct was simply giving you the sites that will show all the packages for arch as that is what endeavourOS is based on.

Some here will advice against using pamac for a number of reasons all are legit to one extreme or another and I do believe the recommendations were in the guise of making life easier for you before running into problems with pamac. Which with their record isn’t a matter of if but when.

Personally I recommend doing things with pacman and an aur helper of choice. (yay is installed in Enos as a default) however you can use paru or any of the others.


Try the very excellent Pacseek, well-loved by the community and one thousand times more reliable than Pamac.

Due to a clever development process, Pacseek has taken down the AUR with a DDoS attack exactly zero times. Amazing!