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So I am running the Budgie DE and of course it comes with the Nemo file browser. Of course I installed Tilix and uninstalled the default terminal which broke the Nemo Context menu item open in terminal. So I searched and found the below command which allowed me to switch the action of the Open In Terminal to open Tilix. Of course you can change the name from Tilix to what ever terminal app you use. Just thought I would share this with those of you who may have been looking for a fix for this issue.

gsettings set org.cinnamon.desktop.default-applications.terminal exec tilix


curious about this; just reinstalled Endeavour. gnome-terminal is the default and when I uninstalled that for gnome-terminal-transparency the install forced gnome-terminal out but nemo did not break. why did nemo break for you and not me I wonder?
I did not -R gnome-terminal like it sounds you did, but the pacman install did it for me so same thing.

I can’t tell if you are being serious or not…but sure, I’ll bite:

The gnome-terminal-transparency package provides gnome-terminal.

 📦 gnome-terminal-transparency ───────────────────
 Description         The GNOME Terminal Emulator 
                     with background transparency  
 Version             3.48.1-1   
 Provides            gnome-terminal=3.48.1  
 Conflicts           gnome-terminal 

It’s a different version of the same binary. So on your system, when Nemo looks for gnome-terminal, it finds it. In the OP, gnome-terminal is not found and Nemo needed to be instructed to look for a different terminal instead.

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Oh no good sir, I am this clueless, and thanks for your response. I do just love the learning. It still stands to reason that gnome-terminal was uninstall during the installation of transparency with no repercussions. If that’s because no real removal took place because gnome-terminal remained as a dependency? Or Nemo was just satisfied either way?
I get what you are saying. the op details went over my head. removal of gnome-t then installation of tilix had nemo context menu confused. makes sense now.
I have made moves in gsettings before, and I have always marveled at how comprehensive this tool is and I don’t even know the half of what this program can do.
thanks for getting my presumption to what was actual. edit: I can’t always do that myself

Not quite. In your case, the “normal” gnome-terminal was actually removed (it is a conflicting package), and was replaced by the new version. But, even though it is technically a different package, it identifies itself to your system as gnome-terminal.

So when Nemo says, “Hey, where’s gnome-terminal?” the new package you installed says " :wave: Right here my guy" and all is well.


Ironically I tried to remove xreader (don’t like having 2 pdf viewers) and just got this in my output:

sudo pacman -R xreader
checking dependencies...
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: removing xreader breaks dependency 'xreader' required by nemo-preview

I’m going to try a version of your command once I find the budgie equivalent for org.cinnamon.desktop.default-applications