Budgie monitor settings bugging out

Hey guys!

I am having an issue where I can’t seem to get budgie to change any monitor settings. If I try to change any settings, it sets all my monitors to the wrong order, forces 60hz and turns off one monitor.
If I change the settings via nvidia-settings or ArandR the monitors are fine till I reboot or press apply to different monitor settings in budgie-control-centre even if I save the xorg.conf (which contains the correct settings.)
And I know xorg is handling things correctly as the window managers login page is fine, its when I login and the monitor settings from budgie are applied.
Is there a budgie config reset that can be done or what could be potentially causing this?
Another thing I noticed was when I changed the order in budgie-control-centre I get the below error

(budgie-control-center:4582): display-cc-panel-WARNING **: 16:40:31.275: Config not applicable: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.InvalidArgs: Logical monitors not adjacent

Have you tried setting all of this with lxrandr. You can set the resolution and refresh and also the monitor layout all in one tool.

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turns out it was a bug, this is now resolved with the recent patches

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