Budgie main dev leaves Solus

Joshua Stobl, the main dev of Budgie will leave the Solus project

He will continue developing Budgie and fork it to a new org. He will also join forces with the Ikey Doherty on SerpentOS


This also covers a bit more detail as well. It’s unfortunate news to hear, but projects change all the time, so where things go from here, there could be brighter futures:

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I will be inviting people from Ubuntu Budgie, Endeavour OS, etc.

Well, there’s at least a positive :wink:


I noticed Endeavour a couple of times. . . Is someone coming here to help?

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Not sure, but it’s good to have additional software for the Arch ecosystem. :grin:


It sounds good to me. I like budgie. I don’t really like eopkg. Sounds like it could be a win-win.


This really caught me off guard as it was already mentioned in another post. I know of Ikey Doherty and I wish Joshua Strobl the best in 2022.


I think this should also be a sign for the users on this platform and appreciate all the help everyone offers and don’t take anything for granted. We don’t want to lose top talent.

I appreciate all the help @ricklinux @manuel @joekamprad and others along the journey of :enos: :enos_flag:


@MindTheGAAP I’m new to this community but it is the most positive and respectful community I’ve seen so far. I think most people on this forum appreciate and respect the work the distro leads and community put into making this distro so awesome!!


I’m terrible, I want to know what happened (lol) and why Josh felt it was time to part. I assume what we would call social drama and politics.

I know that’d be airing dirty laundry (and probably best to not), but I still want to know.

Everything is social drama and politics these days.


The hastebin linked on Twitter seems to sum it up fairly well.

Yes–I read it—very interesting. I wish the best for him & look forward to what is next.

one of the maintainers was being obstinate with ignoring feedback, not resolving issues, and not accepting fault in any of their poor actions.

You can likely guess the kinda behavior if youve been around OSS for a while as usually these types behave in a similar way and hurt the projects theyre involved in.

Yes, unfortunately I can.
Josh notes that he has more time and will move Budgie 10 back out of maint mode. Does that mean he doesn’t wish to do the EFL portage or is that a separate issue?
Personally, I had looked forward to a distro leaving the Gnome bandwagon and it might pull me back into reloading Solus (or SerpentOS). Also semi-off topic anyone have any idea (other than what I gathered with a quick read of SerpentOS website) what will differentiate SerpentOS and when it might show an ISO? Always want to try out new distros…always!
Ok, my gossip wannabes are satisfied I think:)

JOsh will still move Budgie off from GTK to EFL

I’ll try to adjust to this monumental tectonic shift … :upside_down_face:


or cooperation to get budgie on arch and distros a better experience?


Much need a better default Budgie experience on Arch for sure. On Solus its quite polished, and while I don’t want Arch to follow that, it does need to look presentable. Thats the first impression users get, so I would put it kinda high in priority if I had a say.

Of course, under the hood changes are always welcome :grin:

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I know of one Arch derivative that will be very cooperative with anyone who asks. :thinking:

Sorry, going off on a tangent there.

Could be interesting, though I don’t like the idea of any distro (especially one of increasing popularity) being used as a platform or vehicle to promote a single project.

But then, I’m also half paranoid and half sceptical, so… :man_shrugging: :grin: