Budgie how to unlock panel to add there apps

Hi, I added second panel in the top of my desktop. I want to add there some of my apps from menu to be on the top. Panel seems to be locked I cannot click right mouse there or cannot push apps from menu to panel. Please tell me the solution so I can add there my apps.

Thanks people


Not a Budgie user but I found the following somewhere on the www:

  1. Open budgie settings from the menu or raven

  2. Choose your panel

  3. Click the + button to add an applet

  4. Choose the icon-task-list applet

  5. Now apps when opened will appear in the new icon list applet. Right click the icon on the applet and choose pin to ensure the application remains in the applet after the application has closed.


Yes there is such option but I cannot add from there custom apps which I installed like discord, browser etc. Just system apps from the list like calendar clock, keyboard layout etc…


But when you open Discord for example, won’t you get it’s icon on the panel so you could right-click on and pin?

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Yes I could pin it do the panel (Original panel in which apps are opening) but I added new second panel and there I see is no chance to add some apps, move them or whatever.

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Pretty sure that’s the way to do it, but I’m gonna load up Budgie in Boxes real quick and check it out since I haven’t used Budgie since earlier this year so my memory is a little fuzzy!

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When you create a new panel, in Budgie Settings, you have to add things to each new panel. When you add a new panel, it is always blank, so like @pebcak said, you have to add the icon task list to the new panel that you created and all the icons will show up just like the other panel. To add the icon task list, just click to the right of the new panel where it says “Add Applet” and scroll through the list to find icon task list. Screenshot above shows my newly created top panel, and I added the icon task list so that my top new panel shows the applications. Just make sure you are selecting and adjusting each panel in Budgie Settings, in my case I have Top Panel and Bottom Panel, so I have to adjust each one to achieve the settings I want. Hope this is helpful mate.


Yes it is what exactly you said guys :slight_smile:



Solus? EndeavourOS budgie is better.

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