Budgie Control Center - About - Disk Size Unknown

So I am running Vanilla Arch with the Budgie DE. I pull up Budgie Control Center, go to about and see Disk Size shows unknown. I did some searching on this and have been unable to figure out a fix for this. I am guessing that I may have not installed a needed package to populate this info. See the below provided screenshots and terminal output for detail. Gnome Disks also shows Size - but no size is populated.

udisksctl info --block-device /dev/nvme0n1
    Configuration:              []
    CryptoBackingDevice:        '/'
    Device:                     /dev/nvme0n1
    DeviceNumber:               66304
    Drive:                      '/org/freedesktop/UDisks2/drives/KINGSTON_SNV2S500G_50026B7784E09458'
    HintAuto:                   false
    HintIgnore:                 false
    HintPartitionable:          true
    HintSystem:                 true
    Id:                         by-id-nvme-KINGSTON_SNV2S500G_50026B7784E09458
    MDRaid:                     '/'
    MDRaidMember:               '/'
    PreferredDevice:            /dev/nvme0n1
    ReadOnly:                   false
    Size:                       500107862016
    Symlinks:                   /dev/disk/by-diskseq/1
    EUI64:                      0026b7784e094585
    FormatPercentRemaining:     -1
    FormattedLBASize:           (512, 0, 0x01)
    LBAFormats:                 [(512, 0, 0x01)]
    NGUID:                      00000000000000000026b7784e094585
    NSID:                       1
    NamespaceCapacity:          976773168
    NamespaceSize:              976773168
    NamespaceUtilization:       976773168
    WWN:                        eui.00000000000000000026b7784e094585
    Partitions:         /org/freedesktop/UDisks2/block_devices/nvme0n1p2
    Type:               gpt

In EOS it works.
budgie-control-center --version
budgie-control-center 1.3.0
same kernel version but not zen. Did you reinstall budgie control-center?

Know have not attempted to re-install budgie control center

Re-installed budgie control center and even udisk2 but no dice.

I’m only guessing how you did it. I used
alg-bspwm-2023.09-x86_64.iso + followed this
budgie-control-center was used instead of budgie-control-center-git (there was a conflict)

The bottom up approach:
lines 443-492 below
I couldn’t reproduce this sum of disk capacity error. Archinstall, zen kernel +

xorg_budgie installation
sudo pacman -Sy
sudo pacman -S gnome-terminal
sudo pacman -S nano
sudo pacman -S xorg-server xorg-apps
sudo pacman -S lightdm lightdm-gtk-greeter
sudo systemctl enable lightdm
sudo pacman -S base-devel
sudo pacman -S git
sudo git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/yay-git.git
sudo chown -R $USER:$USER ./yay-git/
cd yay-git/
 makepkg -s

find . -name yay
sudo cp ./pkg/yay-git/usr/bin/yay /usr/bin
yay -S budgie-desktop budgie-control-center --noconfirm
yay -S budgie-network-applet

I did the install via Archinstall so it pulled in a very minimal Budgie desktop. I added things as needed which helped keep packages installed to a minimum. I have not had any issues other than this one, more of an annoyance than anything else. I will keep searching, maybe I can find some clue as to the cause. I am hoping I just am missing a package that would be needed to pass this info to udisk2. Both Budgie Control Center and Gnome Disks do not show a disk size so I am sure it is some Gnome related package I am missing. GParted shows the disk size with no issue. Also thank you for trying to assist me with this issue.

I actually searched for this problem at solus forum (budgie’s origin) and Buddies of Budgie (budgie’s here and now) and I could not find any populated disk data info especially with trusty and tried-and-true gnome-disks
if gparted shows the disk size than neofetch and inxi do, too, I’m betting.
I’ve only seen this 2-3 times in a computing life but only, curiously, in disks reporting some usb sticks…
permissions/read-only was one reason
format another

neither of these have anything to do with you except mem couldn’t be read.

what’s not talking to udisks? does something have to? and it it does, is it an indexer (just a guess)? I’ve had the awful kde Baloo work itself into budgie (package run dep) and it’s specialty is monkey wrenches like this.
2 cents

ps–what else would impede open communication between apps? dracut? any bus? xdg? I understand your thinking re: check broken packages. I wish I knew that arch command if it exists.

Still looking into this. If and when I find a fix I will post it here. Thank you all for the feedback.