Budgie Broken Login Screen

So, I see the option is listed, but clicking the tickbox doesn’t do anything? It does appear to be maybe “grayed out” and inaccessible.

This might be one of those cases where the drive’s controller just isn’t fully compatible with SMART; as I noted earlier, not all controllers are fully supported (yet). I assume you were using /dev/nvme0n1 as the identifier.

I think if you contact their Customer Service, and explain to them that SMART is reporting over 32,000 Media and Data Integrity Errors in 209 Power On hours, that should get their attention. Follow up with multiple failures to install an OS, including failing to partition the device. Have your screenshot showing the Media and Data Errors handy; if you contact by email, include it. They might ask you to run some specific tests, but I am betting they will just issue an RMA.

They do have an ADATA SSD Toolbox available for download, but it appears to only be available for Windows.


Yeah, the checkbox was greyed-out and nonfunctional.

I’ll be sure to give the information you recommended. Thanks for all the help, it’s been tremendously useful!