Budgie 11 will not support X11


Taking a longer term view, yet still within the scope of our desired Budgie 10 series changes reflecting the evolving landscape of the Linux desktop, we will implement a replacement Wayland compositor that is built on top of wlroots, which will see its first stable release as “Magpie 1.0”

At such point in time as Magpie 1.0 is released, Budgie 10 will no longer support X11. Budgie 11 will not support X11.

wlroots was an obvious choice for us as it is the most vendor-neutral compositing library and really lives up to its marketing of “about 60,000 lines of code you were going to write anyway”. While Mutter’s excellent Wayland compositor could be viewed as sufficient for the short-term of Budgie 10 series, Budgie 11 will result in a separation from the GNOME stack, and therefore to avoid duplicate effort or further complicating our existing soft fork, we decided to immediately invest time into building a compositor leveraging wlroots.

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It looks like even budgie 10.x will drop X11 support.

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. wlroots requires more configuration to get working than mutter or kwin. I am curious to see if they will integrate that into budgie or if it will be left to the user as it is with sway, hyprland and friends.

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I hope wayland gnome gets around to supporting DPMS, that is my current issue with ubuntu/lunar such that I hacked /etc/gdm3/custom.conf and disabled wayland so my screen could sleep. Haven’t tried it on EOS yet, but then I haven’t got it out side of a command line VM yet, either.

I am already eyeballing a Radeon card. I have tried Sway several times with my nvidia and was not impressed.

Yes… even newer amd 7000 series cards such as 7600 are reasonably priced.

7600 is what I am looking at . . .

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They are running around $369.00 Cdn here + tax.

IMO, it makes little sense to buy a 7600 if there are still RDNA 2 cards available in your part of the world.

You will generally be getting better performance for less money.

What cards are you referring to? RDNA 2 :thinking:

Edit: I guess if that’s the 6000 series cards they are actually more money here than the 7600.

6000 series cards.


What currency is that? I have an 6750 in Asus brand. Isn’t being used yet.

Edit: $499.99 Cdn


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Here there aren’t too many 6000 series cards available at least from the supplier i use and they are more expensive than the 7600 in some cases. I don’t typically look around much as my supplier has the best prices and has had in all of Canada for many many years.

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I’m pretty sure I will end up with a 7600

Versus is a clickbait site. Look at reputable benchmarks.

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Thank you! That seems to push me more towards the 6700

It also depends what your use case is.

The big issue with the RX 7600 is limited bus width.

You can see that in some games, such as control it makes a big difference. In other games, less of a difference.

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I have the 6750 XT 12 GB but still not using it yet. Its an ASUS brand.

Edit: It should be a pretty good card.

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