BTRFS + Timeshift + Rollback

Hello there!

I needed to rollback to snapshot “ID 2041 gen 901219 top level 5 path timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2024-03-05_08-00-00/@”.

Everything worked fine, but I need this snapshot to be the one that starts by default, how can I do that?

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When timeshift restores it, it should replace @

Is that not what you are seeing?

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Hey Welcome !

I think you could use timeshift or snapper (with btrfs-assistant maybe)
you can look here too if you already using timeshift
there is a “how to restore” part

yeah if @dalto is on it, you’ll be fine :sweat_smile:

I booted the snapshot directly from grub… I ran the restore from timeshift and it worked! Thank you very much!


Thank you!

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