Btrfs snapshots and timeshift-autosnap

Hi guys, can someone help me? I’ve been trying to set up EndeavourOS on a BTRFS partition in order to automatically create snapshots when upgrading packages. I have a 1TB SSD and created a 500M fat32 /boot/efi partition, a 20GB swap file and the rest is the / btrfs partition. I installed timeshift-autosnap and grub-btrfs from the AUR, changed the config files to display the snapshots in the grub menu and it all works fine but everything does seem to run slower than under EXT4 or OpenSUSE with BTRFS - especially games such as Batman Arkham City.

I create the partitions using fdisk and then run the EOS installer, assigning /boot/efi, swap and / as described and then when installed, I add timeshift-autosnap and grub-btrfs from the AUR.

Should I be setting up partitions a different way or installing EOS differently?

You haven’t given too much installation data :slightly_smiling_face:, but if you’ve written that this scheme works for you…
Btrfs is a bit slower than ext4, maybe that’s the reason; although I don’t play games, but on the SSD (I assume it’s quite fast) I think that these differences are not very significant. Also important is the compression (ZSTD, LZO) algorithm used.

Alternatively, try to install something like this; it’s good tutorial from a community member. You shouldn’t have any problems with it (BTW, you don’t have to install grub-btrfs from the AUR).

Install performance-tweaks
Package from aur
It will solve your slowness issue

I’m not sure what options Calamares installer uses for btrfs, but you may want to change relatime mount flag to noatime, if it wasn’t done already. That should improve performance and reduce space consumption.