Btrfs install with additional subvols

Normally the default group of subvolumes that EOS creates at install is fine with me. However, on a system where I plan on running KVM/QEMU I need to create my /var/lib/libvirt/images with NOCOW and in a separate subvol so I don’t get massive snapshots of my VM disk images.

Is there a way to add the subvolumes during install or just wait until EOS is up and running and then add the @images subvol and create the mount point of /var/lib/libvirt/images and edit fstab???

You can edit /etc/calamares/modules/mount.conf and add the subvol there before launching the installer. Just be careful because YAML is very sensitive to spacing and indentation.

This also works just fine.

Also, this doesn’t require a reinstall unless you want to anyway. You can change the subvols on an existing system whenever you want.

I just spun up a VM with EOS but editing the mount.conf before launching the installer. That worked great and maybe just a little less work than the second method of doing it all after install.


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