Btrfs in Calamares installer. . . how to install. . . partitioning?

Is btrfs installable in Calamares? If so what’s needed to get it installed. What partitions are needed? Just wondering. . . I haven’t a clue. Is it something best to stay away from because it’s still being experimental in nature? I installed ‘Fedora-37’ on another computer to see what or how it was and it was up and running with it installed automatically in my / partition. Haven’t used Fedora since Fedora-21. Just wondering if I’m missing something. EXT4 is fine and interested in what the advatages are over it by using it. . . As you can tell, I’m no geek by any means. Just need some enlightenment.

Rich :slight_smile:

You can select swap file and btrfs and it sets up what is require for btrfs. Then once installed you can install btrfs-assistant and snapper-support which automatically sets up for snapshots in the boot menu if you select grub on the install.

If you don’t want snap shots in the boot menu you could install snapper a snap-pac instead. I’m not the expert on all the different ways you can use btrfs etc. but i am using it myself.


Yes, just select btrfs from the list of filesystems.

Nothing special, you can use the entire disk option and it will all be automatic. Alternatively, you use manual partitioning. If you use manual partitioning, just create a btrfs partition with / as the mountpoint and check the box to format it.

Thanks for your help. I’ve got it now installed and will be trying out snapper to see how it works.

Richard :wink: