BTRFS, Folder Name, File Name!


As I mentioned here I reinstalled with BTRFS.

Amazingly booted in half the time :partying_face:

Playing with it as usual, I created a text file blabla, trying to create a “folder” with same name it said “file” already exist! I don’t get it! This is a file but this is a folder!
I renamed file blabla to blabla.txt and I could create “folder” blaba".

how come it doesn’t differentiate between file and folder?
Just in case should I try make the default text file in text editor have extension .txt by default?
EDIT: Couldn’t find how to do it in xed.

It does differentiate them but that doesn’t mean you can have a folder and file with the same name at the same location.

Does any OS allow you do that? Windows doesn’t allow it either.

There is really no reason in Linux to make all your text file end in .txt

I’m a little bit ignorant here. Isn’t the file-extension the preferred* method to detect the file type on Linux too? The main context of the question being that an enduser-desktop-environment has to decide how to handle an open-event (usually start an appropriate application)?

*Yes, there’s file, but that isn’t reliable or tells you what to do with an e.g. “ASCII” file.

PS: Maybe this question should be split off into a new topic/thread?

Same here pal :rofl: but you are a “little bit ignorant” (poor man) I am damn too much ignorant. So for sure I’m better than you in ignorance. I win you in ignorance :rofl:

That’s just great! Now I’m ignorant and a loser. :rofl:

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