BTRFS - Do you "still" use Timeshift (and timeshift-autonap)? - How do you boot into snapshots easily (GUI)?


While trying to investigate a problem that occurs with automation of snapshots maintenance on updates, I just realized (or am I wrong?) that timeshift-autosnap ain’t maintained anymore, and was wondering how do you deal with your snapshots in order to achieve this behavior: auto-snapshots with easy system rollback (GUI); boot into snapshots?

I still use this method (as described by @2000, with timeshift-autosnap running before package upgrade using Pacman hook and dealing with the grub integration… I still use grub btw).

Is this “obsolete”?


Well, I’ve been using btrfs with timeshift and autosnap for some time now. I can’t even say exactly why not the btrfs-assistant. Timeshift simply works well and since it has been officially maintained by the Linux-Mint developers, its continued existence is once again assured. I don’t have the option of booting snapshots from the boot menu with systemd-boot anyway. As for the size of the snapshots on the hard disk … wayne …

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