Btrfs-Assistant & Snapper vs Timeshift

So I recently found out about BTRFS through Garuda Linux and OpenSUSE and find that it is a very interesting file system. Since snapshots are CRUCIAL in rolling releases, I decided to try it out.

In Endeavouros’s documentation, they use timeshift which is very easy to use. However when I did a bit more digging, I saw many people recommending Snapper as it is more flexible. I also saw BTRFS-Assistant which can help assist in Snapper (as a GUI).

So it anybody has tried out both, can you tell me the pros and cons of each?

I probably shouldn’t be the one to talk about the pros/cons between the two products but I would say that I don’t think EndeavourOS specifically recommends one over the other.

To me, snapper with BTRFS-assisstant can do more things than timeshift can. With that said, I guess the pros of time shift is that it is extremely simple to use. But the con of it is that it is kinda restrictive in its feature set. Snapper can be set up to take snapshots before and after package installs and updates, whereas I believe time shift is just time based (unless it has gotten new features I haven’t heard about.)

I am using Btrfs-Assistant & Snapper and I am satisfied.

Also you have a really great support here for that part so :slight_smile:

As I converted to systemd-boot it is not that simple unfortunately.

I wish there would be a way with systemd-boot, a simple way as it used to be with Grub.

Just curious, what boot loader? Grub was OK and can simply boot from a previous sanpshot.

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Grub, old way :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Brtza
I will try to find a way to easily restore a previous snapshot under systemd-boot.
I hope the experts here can give a hint about best way to do a script that does this.
I will search here first.

Thank you again @Brtza

As has been mentioned to you over and over again, no simple script can solve this problem. It is a significant piece of work. If you want to boot off snapshots, just use grub.

That being said, this topic isn’t even about systemd-boot. I would ask that you please stop turning every btrfs topic into your personal quest to get snapshot booting with systemd-boot.


Thanks @dalto.
Thank you

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