BTRFS assistant help

so im new to snapper since back when i used nobara, i just opted for timeshift and i wanted to try snapper out. i looked through some forum posts and found a few that suggested snapper. so i installed snapper, btrfs-assistant, snapper-support, snap-pac, btrfsmaintenance.

by the attached images, i need help in figuring out what do these options do.

any additional info/brief tutorial would help. thanks!

EDIT: im a bit concerned on the data and metadata percentage use on the first image. do i have to do some cleanup or is it not a huge concern?

You can read through the doc here to get familiar with Btrfs Assistant:

If you have any specific questions while you are reading through that, go ahead and add them to the thread.

That looks normal, I don’t see any cause for concern. You can learn more about the significance of those metrics here:

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I’m not an expert on btrfs or btrfs-assistant or snapper or grub but my installs are the same. My installation on EOS is btrfs with swap file using grub and after i adjusted the swap file to make it larger as the default on the install is small. I install btrfs-assistant, snapper-support and btrfsmaintenance. It pulls in some other packages. I’m very very happy with it’s overall function, features and performance as well as it’s stability. Btrfs is awesome and with snapper it gives me a lot of flexibility. It is also very easy to arch-chroot if necesarry and i have also added a hook for grub so that it re-installs and updates grub on updates to kernels. Couldn’t be better. As far as btrfs is concerned it is extremely stable and i have zero issues with corruption.