Btrfs Assistant 1.0 is coming, testers needed

Yes, that is better.
It also confused me initially at first installation of Btrfs-Assistant, I think.

Just a thought @dalto. Would it be possible to add functionality to btrfs-assistant to copy @home to another filesystem like snap-sync. Snap-sync still works but i don’t know if it is maintained.

It is something I would like to see added. There is an open issue for it already.

I would prefer to integrate something rather than build it myself but snap-sync is no longer maintained and snapsync hasn’t seen a release since 2018.

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I have a branch where I was working on that. Since I do that all the time manually. Just couldn’t get the runCmd to work with the operation for some reason. Haven’t looked at it in a while though.


I didn’t find anything that you seemed to be referencing that actually worked. Help, please. I’m figuring this thing out for the first time.

Description=Monitors for new snapshots



That is what I found, but when I change that file from the below to that, when I tried selecting Endeavour Snapshots at the Grub menu during boot, it didn’t even enter the Snapshot menu, just stayed at main boot page.

Description=Monitors for new snapshots



After you did that, did you call sudo systemctl daemon-reload and then sudo systemctl reenable --now grub-btrfs.path.

Then you need to take a snapshot.

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No, I’m a noob. I didn’t know I need to do that. Thanks. Worked.

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Looking at earlier post, I see that installing snap-pac-grub avoids using the grub-btrfs.path systemd unit

Is one way better than the other, whether now or over time with other updates/changes/etc being made?

The path unit will fire when a snapshot is taken for any reason. snap-pac-grub is a pacman hook that only runs during pacman operations.

IMO, neither is better/worse, just different.

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I see… it seems I installed the “normal” version, not this one.
I have 4 tabs only, can’t see the “BTRFS maintenance”.
Would you like me to install the Git version?

OK… I will do it… just for you @dalto but tomorrow, (unless you see it is risky for a noob 9 days old like me)

That means you haven’t installed btrfsmaintenance

You don’t need the git version.

From OpenSUSE website I did

sudo snapper -c home create-config /home

Then according to @dalto I did:

yay btrfsmaintenance

WOW… now I have a /home profile to snapshot /home, and I have the “BTRFS maintenance” tab.

I will keep playing with it.
I have “BTRFS maintenance” as photo below… nothing selected…
Is it OK (for now)? I wonder where are my /home snapshots!

There are things selected. You are running a btrfs balance weekly and a scrub monthly.

Lots of good info in the thread I created, but this had to do with this app and things related, so I figured I’d ask here.

Does it matter the order I install the following apps so that the auto configuration that snapper-support and whatever else does works correctly?


I was going to install these apps, then make a snapshot so I could see the grub file get updated, then do:

sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg
sudo systemctl edit --full grub-btrfs.path

Replace file contents with below


Description=Monitors for new snapshots




sudo systemctl enable grub-btrfs.path
systemctl start grub-btrfs.path

I figured I would post all of this, maybe make easier for someone else, even though I know this all works, just wasn’t sure all of what snapper-support configured for me, especially since I ran it after configuring quite a bit myself in my test VM.

If you are going to do all that, don’t install snapper-support.

There is the easy/automated path which is install btrfs-assistant, btrfsmaintenance and snapper-support.

Or the manual path which is do all the things you mentioned.

snapper-support installs and configures grub-btrfs, snapper and snap-pac. It should also create and enable the unit file for you.

To answer your question it doesn’t matter the order they are installed.


I’ve been following this thread for a long time now, and it seems more and more interesting. Me being a lazy sod, would benefit greatly from this assistant.

After my impending move to a new appartment/flat, I’m going to try it my Arch laptop, witch I bork much more often than I do EndeavourOS (never happened). Tinkering might be the culprit… not me. :laughing: