BTRFS and lost disk space

Hello EOS team. Had installed Endeavour using this guide to have Btrfs with encryption, as well as Timeshift for snapshots.
All well so far, but the main issue is that the OP had suggested creating a subvolume to backup pacman packages, which in retrospect, wasn’t too good an idea, since the system itself already saves copies of old installs.

Anyhow… decided to see what my disk space looked like with:

btrfs subvolume list /
ID 257 gen 82963 top level 5 path @home
ID 258 gen 82855 top level 5 path @cache
ID 259 gen 82957 top level 5 path @log
ID 268 gen 82846 top level 5 path @swap
ID 809 gen 82963 top level 5 path @
ID 1004 gen 82848 top level 5 path timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2022-06-07_18-01-10/@
ID 1079 gen 82848 top level 5 path timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2022-08-04_17-09-18/@
ID 1093 gen 82848 top level 5 path timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2022-08-09_16-45-22/@
ID 1105 gen 82848 top level 5 path timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2022-08-13_16-25-09/@
ID 1108 gen 82848 top level 5 path timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2022-08-14_11-58-35/@
ID 1223 gen 82848 top level 5 path timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2022-08-14_19-32-04/@
ID 1224 gen 82848 top level 5 path timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2022-08-15_17-13-47/@
ID 1225 gen 82848 top level 5 path timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2022-08-15_17-14-27/@
ID 1226 gen 82848 top level 5 path timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2022-08-15_17-14-33/@
ID 1243 gen 82848 top level 5 path timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2022-08-17_16-44-06/@
ID 1244 gen 82854 top level 5 path timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2022-08-17_16-46-01/@
ID 1245 gen 82869 top level 5 path timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2022-08-17_16-53-00/@

And you can see there’s a few directories, as well as snapshots taken, but also the @cache-pacman folder was deleted, to get some space back.
This is where things get interesting since I thought that by deleting the subvolume would give me back the wasted disk space, but it did not.

So the question is: how do I get back unused disk space in Btrfs?
Any ideas or pointers are most welcome!

You have a snapshot from June. That may be consuming a lot space. Try deleting that one.

Also, deleting that subvol for the packages will have the opposite impact in the long-term.

Having that subvol was keeping the package cache out of your snapshots. Now it will be included in the snapshots

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Oh facts? Hmm, didn’t know about that. Any way to recover the subvolume back then? :')