BSPWM not avaiable in lightdm session list

I’ve installed BSPWM community edition alongside the endeavouros xfce4 DE, however when I try to select BSPWM from the session list in lightdm, it does not show up. I’m not sure how to enable BSPWM in the greeter and everything I’ve found in user guides have said it should appear automatically. Please send help

Desktop file should be in /usr/share/xsessions. Is it, if not create it:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Binary space partitioning window manager

All the DM does is read that directory, no magic involved :mage:


@xircon has the answer :point_up_2:

@squidmilk If you don’t have that file already, I’ll request you to re-check if you installed the right packages. On our repository we have a package list file.

This file that xircon suggested you to create should have been created automatically if you installed bspwm package. Did you only copy the dotfiles or did you also install the required packages?

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Turns out I’m a special case and thought the install script also installed the packages

if remember right it does .

Yep it should install the required packages. But I asked you to re check since it didn’t look like you had them.

dex ?
I can see all our WM`s using it and it is working only if no DE is installed…

I start to have this for i3 setup open up in firefox on new installs: