Browser security extension

hi guys

I have long ago removed most of the extensions I used before on chromium; now I only use ublock ( custom setting) and pop up blocker!

before i used: wot, trafficligh(bitdefender) avast online security and avira online security

do any of you use this kind of extension?

how do you adjust to be safe browsing online?

‘EoS latest ( Mate latest) Chromium latest’

i have only uBlock Origin installed and 8), the biggest risk is always the one sitting in front of the screen.


Here are what I use in Firefox:
uBlock Origin (with bells and whistles that is with any and all hosts and filter files I can come by)

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I use Ublock Origin, Privacy Badger, CanvasBlocker and ClearURLs. I also use a domain block list from hblock (package in community).

I use Ublock and LocalCDN for privacy/security.
Then ViolentMonkey to run custom scripts for certain websites.

No avast or avira crap.

Using ublock, umatrix, binne-i be gone :slight_smile: ,fixed zoom
And firefox runs under apparmor and firejail.
And i used this wiki:
(sorry, it’s german)

With the exception of uBlock, you don’t need any of the extensions you mentioned. These are rather questionable. WOT is easy to manipulate and the antivirus stuff has nothing to do under Linux anyway except to transmit your surfing behavior to the manufacturer.

Like @pycrk said the biggest risk is the user in front of the screen.


I have two user profiles.
one with a modified user.js from arkenfox and the other with a medium from Privacy-Handbuch
And of course Multi-Account-Containers

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Thanks @swh, tried that out and pretty happy! Going to give these settings a run for a bit and dump brave if all is well.

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