Brother printer set-up

I had followed the procedures in the wiki section for printing, found that under the System > Administration tab(Mate) that a print settings icons was present. So I used it to set up my Brother hl-l2395w printer, which was recognized but then:

Darn, almost made it! I did the following:
I installed gsfonts foomatic-db-engine foomatic-db foomatic-db-ppds foomatic-db-nonfree foomatic-db-nonfree-ppds gutenprint foomatic-db-gutenprint-ppds --needed, plus print-manager.
systemctl enable --now cups.socket
systemctl enable --now cups.service

And now I’m out of ideas…any help would be most welcome.

1 aur/brother-hll2395dw 4.0.0-2 (+5 0.00)
    Brother HL-L2395DW CUPS driver

Have you tried the above?


Try this command:

$ pacman -Q | grep brother
brother-dcpl2550dw 4.0.0-1

If it doesn’t return the proper driver name,

$ yay -S brother-hll2395dw

With Brother printers/scanners I have found it is best to
open firefox or other web browser then type in the url line
and then install from there.
At the top of the page click on “Administration” then “Add printer”
when it asks to login, use root for user then root’s password.
Then I have found

Internet Printing Protocol (ipp) 

works best.
then type in

ipp://192.168.X.XXX      (substitute the printer's IP address)

Fill in Printer name, location, etc

then “IPP Everywhere” works and you can also try “Brother model# for cups(en)”

After you get the printer working, if you want scanner support

$ yay -S brscan4

If the printer/scanner is a ethernet networked device

brsaneconfig4 -a name=(name your device) model=(model name) ip=xx.xx.xx.xx

It also lists this command at the end of brscan4 installation.

Then install something like simple-scan



Xircon & Pudge, thanks for your help! I just rid of the Win 10 dual boot, whose only purpose was to run this printer. Should have done it sooner.


mostly not needed for brother printer same for installing a driver… if you are using the printer over network (wifi or plan) it need only local hostname resolution enabled and running cups and avahi …
Printing option should be supported with ipp-driverless…

If you have it connected over network check if you have local host name resolution enabled as wiki say under the section about this:



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