Broken Budgie

Hi, I’ve been a happy Budgie user 2 years and never had a single bug.
Suddenly, today as I log into Budgie, I can see my desktop for a second or two, then it switches to a grey screen with a sad smiley saying:
“Oh no! Something has gone wrong.
A problem has occured and the system can’t recover.
Please log out and try again”

  1. I could log in into Kodi DE (the only alternative DE I had)
  2. using Ctrl+Alt+F2 I switched to terminal, installed Gnome
  3. Gnome is working perfectly fine
  4. I remove Budgie-desktop and Budgie-extras (pacman -Rs)
  5. I rebooted my laptop and installed Budgie-desktopand Budgie-extras again
    But I still get the same error when I try to log into Budgie.
    Gnome DE is working fine.

Is there a way I can repair my Budgie DE? I really love it.
Apologies, if a similar topic exists,I searched and couldn’t fine.

Thank you so much in advance!!!

Is it the same as this?


Hi, I saw this thread earlier today:

See if your issue is also related to update to the package mentioned.

Edit: @xircon beat me to it.


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It has worked! Downgrading the package was the solution!!!

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I’m in the same boat. I just updated my machine a couple minutes ago. I get a login prompt, I enter my password. My Budgie desktop wallpaper pops up and as soon as my panel appears, I get the gray error screen.

I rebooted and loaded my pre-update snapshot (running snapper & BTRFS) to come here to see if this was a known issue.

I just want to confirm that libxfce-4windowing was the only package that needs to be unwound.


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Hi Snazzy,
Yes, it was the only package I had to downgrade. Everything works fine.

Thank you so much!

A new version of the package has just been released. libxfce4windowing 4.19.3-2
The upgrade went fine for me, no issues.


I just updated my “broken” Budgie snapshot and everything went smoothly. It’s now safe to update Budgie installs.

Thanks to everyone involved who made this correction so quickly.


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