Broadcom-wl doesn't start on boot(live usb)

do you need linux-headers?

Ok, so need to download it from another machine too

OBS: Next iso will have it installed, thanks for reporting.

I have had both working at one point but not reliable with the wl. I use the dkms version and no issue. When i boot it’s on right there no waiting.

Totally, as Pacbang had at the time, there was no problem installing with WiFi enabled.

I am sure i do not have firmware installed only the broadcom-wl-dkms plus headers.

But i guess that’s the reason of dkms stuff, they load with the kernel, in this case if some package is missing of course this won’t work.

linux-header should be pulled when building the iso, don’t know why it wasn’t installed, now i explicitly added the package to be installed in the iso.

Without a doubt.

Well idk if it worked because now my system won’t boot… I guess I’ll just wait for the new iso and install from that

It won’t boot because?

Can’t find root partition. I had to upgrade the kernel as well(maybe that did it but it really shouldn’t) so I’m just really confused

For here are the shots …:wink:

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So you installed the headers by downloading them in tar.xz? How are they installed?

On the other hand, DKMS does not have to reinstall the broadcom driver when updating the Kernel.

well the headers were 5.2.9 so I had to dl the 5.2.9 tar.xz kernel too.

Sorta. It just has to reinstall the modules

I’ve not done it this way so how do you install the kernel and headers from tar.xz?

Yeah, linux and linux headers are version 5.2.9.arch1-1 since 2019-08-17. Bad luck…
Also it’s hard to track if any other kernel dependency was also updated.

Would be easier to reinstall the system, archlinux is hard to fix without internet.

So easier approach after reinstall is to download the old linux-header from archlinux archive

I’m leaving for today.
See you tomorrow, i hope you don’t give up.

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So …you fix it up yet?

I hope TS gets it sorted the right way, but I ended up buying a wifi dongle in the end for my former laptop. Since then I stay as far away from Broadcom as I can.

This method pretty much works with all arch distro’s for those individuals unfortunate enough to choose computers that include Broadcom wifi.
First, since 5x kernel’s , some arch distros that previously needed wifi installed post os-install, seem to work without doing so. I’m not sure which one’s.

BEFORE installing or trying live usb of an arch distro!
(rolling release, so that means minutes before)

  1. go to /
  2. download latest linux-headers package onto usb separate from iso.
  3. download latest dkms package onto usb separate from iso.
  4. download latest broadcom-wl-dkms onto usb separate from iso.

Reboot into live usb iso or perform install of arch distro (Endeavour OS)

  1. with your driver usb files inserted either cd to or enter path to drivers in following commands in order listed.
  2. sudo pacman -U dkms*
  3. sudo pacman -U linux-headers*
    4 sudo pacman -U broadcom*
    5 sudo modprobe wl
    6 sudo depmod -a
    7 wait a few moments then connect to your wifi network if live usb.
    8 If a new install, wait a minute, if doesn’t find wifi network within 5 minutes reboot to a working wifi connection.

also possible to use usb-tethering with a mobile phone connected to wifi.