Bring back XFCE as liveISO + Zen + multiple DEs

I had an older live iso with xfce that I liked
they come with Zen distro, and can do multiple desktops in one install
The new live cd comes with KDE, won’t be an issue except all my font size is extremely big
This comes with QT font issue, that KDE is based on
This happens with NVIDIA proprietary drivers
This is how it looks like on my 2560x1600 monitor ultrawide

No need to force me to use KDE
What was the latest LiveCD version with XFCE and zen + multiple DMs options?

Try here to see if you can find the older ISO:

But understand that they’ve made the change for a reason, which I am sure someone will link to.

I don’t think we ever used zen.

All our ISOs support multiple DEs, you need to do an online install and then you can choose.


Who is forcing you to use KDE?
Why not select live install at installation, you can choose whatever DM you want.


The offline used to be XFCE
I also had option to get Zen, along with LTS
Also had option to select multiple DMs in one installation
KDE+i3 or XFCE+i3 + etc…
So the “force” here is changing the offline to KDE that comes with font issues
and not having an easy way to find past live CD (the pre-KDE ones)
I just don’t understand why EndeavourOS took back all the other options either…

Issue in question

I’m not sure about being able to choose the Zen kernel either. Are you sure you aren’t mixing up EndeavourOS with ArcoLinux? Their older ISOs had lots of options, including the option to select your preferred kernel.

We very briefly had the option to choose zen. It was removed not that long after adding it.

We have never had the ability to choose DMs. We did have the ability to choose multiple DEs. We removed this deliberately. Too many people were selecting multiple DEs without understanding the consequences. Also, it is very easy to install these after the fact.


Yes… You answered my question @dalto
Choosing zen and multiple DEs (not DMs) I used to pick i3wm+xfce
Indeed, maybe have them under advanced options or something since it was very convenient.

To fix the QT font size, for future readers can try

xrandr --output <display> --dpi 96

I am just sad I lost an XFCE live ISO with those options due to formatting, and can’t find them now.

Old ISOs don’t usually work for online installs even if you did have it. The packages change and evolve over time.

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OK… but how about the font issue?
Not sure why we went with KDE as default, Qt breaks more often than most…

That font issue you posted has to do with qt5 applications running on plasma6. The ISO is running plasma 5 so that shouldn’t be related.

The installer is a qt application.

Not really, I just installed i3wm only, and Q4V4L2 utility that comes with it still shows larger font on external monitor. All qt seems to be affected, had to set dpi to 96 so maybe endeavouros set dpi to something else in the recent version, I don’t recall having this issue in the past.

Anyway, this is something I can fix but it’s extra step. You guys made having an arch OS quickly as simple as it is already.

We do not set such things… The changes we do are mainly really minor.
And the issues with running qt apps inside GTK environment and v.v. are old and unsolved only KDE have a working implementation inside its own ecosystem … there are tools to help like qt5/6ct or kvantum e.t.c. but they are all got some issues from time to time.

It was true over a long period that GTK at least if under the hood of something like XFCE was proven stable as rock but… Not any more GTK is currently a great mess from my personal view, we have 3 versions all acting different without any way to set them all in the same way to look similar without the need to use different tools without any dynamical automation.

And the defaults… KDE defaults are general working commonly used defaults well maintained modern and easy to change. The change from xfce4 to KDE was a breeze of easy setup things without maintaining 593 XML configs.

EndeavourOS is not focused on specific Desktop and highly opinionated setups, we try to deliver a blank Desktop ready to set up for personal needs… indeed we have some colors and space theming going on, but that’s for a little candy for the recognisability. :enos: :rocket:

<<<<<sure currently . . …
Linux is in a transition phase (Wayland) and especially KDE Plasma QT.6… but this is being tested and improved hour by hour by a number of hard-working helpers maintainers and developer.
Including members of the awesome EndeavourOS community and our devs and maintainers.

I do not see the same dynamic on XFCE4.


see this for status xfce & wayland

I am aware of that yes :wink: 4.20 will may be release end of the year… also 4.19 can be tested already they mention:

For Xfce 4.20, the plan is, to add preliminary support to Wayland to core components without losing X11 support. This doesn’t mean that by the next major release an Xfce session on Wayland will offer all existing features, but we hope it will be minimally usable. We also intend to continue refining our applications to work acceptably on Wayland (those that already work or can be made to work with low effort).

But i do not see the relation directly ? We all know xfce4 takes very long to release new versions… And they are very low on the number of active developers. This was a good thing partly in the past but not anymore… at least not if your base is a rolling release model distribution.
And working on Wayland to be usable does not say anything about a change on how gtk versions will be handled, or power management enhanced and brought to the present time.
And I mentioned the main problem is about the way defaults are set on xfce4, what causes the need to maintain many configurations downstream.

And we talk only about the LiveSession here ? We will not change LiveSession to wayland for now as it looks like, but we are prepared to switch in case it will get the better option to run the LiveSession. As calamares is based on QT, it is way easier to maintain how it looks and behave inside a qt based DE in addition to have basically only a handful of configs to handle for the LiveSession.

We do maintain legacy support as long as it is possible to not interfere with modern hardware, the majority of users are running the OS on, and as long it is possible to get it working.
We do still support legacy Bios devices, and older Nvidia or intel GPU systems per example, but we are not able to support devices with singlecore CPU or less as 2.5GB of RAM. I do not see that this is something useful for a lot of people anyway, as we are focussed on Desktop usage… these devices can not be used as a daily driver for anyway without huge limitations.

And yea many people think EndeavourOS is a Major Linux Distribution? it`s not we are a core team of a few people doing this in our freetime aside from Job Family and going out to the Pub.
Keeping it very simple is a main core idea and goal we do strictly follow.

Also, everyone is welcome to contribute and question changes too, we are always open and indeed open-minded for your input at any time.

If someone is into maintaining and developing a legacy support ISO or if it is a XFCE4 LiveISO only… why not ? I will be right here to help where I can. But be warned, all of this involves unpredictable complexity :wink:


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