Brightness adjust in XFCE

Please tell me how to adjust brightness in XFCE gui method ?
I found it once, but i can’t find it anywhere anymore.

You remind me of someone…I can’t quite place who, but I get the feeling we’ve met before…

Anyway, this user found a solution with brightness-controller-git. Maybe it will work for you too. Just a hunch. :wink:


Thanks, but that is not the solution i am for.
I used the brightness control on this computer before…
It is default come with xfce, but i can’t find it now. There isn’t any brightness control slider in xfce ? There is 1

It is under power management. Click on the battery icon in the system tray. Display brightness slider is there. Controlled by power management. My backlight brightness keys work!

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I just use the sunny button on my f keys.

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