Brave windows suddenly have a clear border around them

Just upgraded my system today to the latest version of Cinnamon. Now, I’m getting an extremely annoying clear border around my windows; well, some of them anyway (the ones opened with the main browser).

Here’s a example:


Since brave was not updated, nor my video drivers, the culprit would seem to be Cinnamon. But I’ll be damned if I can find a setting that even mentions this. The weird thing is that I can resize the window from either the normal border or the clear one.

After switching to (ungoogled) Chromium, the issue went away.

Is the picture you posted from Brave in full size window?
If so I am not sure if I am seeing any clear border around them:



I think there was an update, possibly in the GTK realm recently. I have different borders on a few little apps (Tatham’s mini games particularly) where the ‘extra’ handle for window resizing in the bottom right also went away. I am on XFCE btw - so I can resize by holding ALT and grabbing with the right mouse button - so it doesn’t cause a problem, but things definitely changed. Probably not just on Cinnamon!

I tested Brave full-screen, so all I can say is that is saw no change there - but there are settings in Brave that could make a difference too - including whether it uses system titlebars etc…

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The screenshot I posted was an unmaximized window; full-screen windows are fine.

It seems like a theming issue.
Try other themes to see if this is the case.

I would agree, but my themes have not changed in at least a month. I’m also confused as to why this only happens when I start Brave from the default shortcut or by running brave from the terminal. Again, none of the web apps I’ve made -

brave --app=, for example -

exhibit this problem.

I may come back to Brave again, but for now I’m happy with the switch to ungoogled Chromium.

In what opening way/method there is no failure?

It is a possibility in some cases (local theme while the theme or Toolkit was upgraded, or other)

This way always works: brave --app=
This way always fails: brave

FF has a self reset function, that starts with a completelly new profile.
If brave has a similar thing, I suggest you use it to have a clean profile. Maybe you can backup brave’s current settings, in case this is not the reason of the issue.
Also check your theming (which theme you use and if it is a local one or from system).

Thanks for that. I actually just reinstalled brave-bin, after purging my cache and config dirs, to get a clean profile. Again, it does not work. I also went through all of the themes I’ve been using, even reset them to Adwaita with no luck.

It really doesn’t make any sense. I did have something similar happen with Tor, but it was designed that way (something to make it harder to ID a browser session), but I can’t find anything with Brave that mentions this possibility. Since I also have issues with drag-n-drop, most notably with ProtonMail, I’ve given up on Brave for now.

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