Brave install is slow

is it normal that takes more than 1hr and download more than 20 gb ??

The download time will vary based on your speed and location.

However, keep in mind, the source code repos are much large than the browser itself. It needs to pull down both brave and chromium.

However, subsequent builds will be faster because it won’t need to pull the entire repo, just the changes since the last build.

All that being said, depending on your CPU it will likely take an hour or more to build it once it finishes downloading.

If you would prefer a smaller, faster install, you can install brave-bin instead.

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Thank you very much, but I think it’s easier to finish than to start from scratch. My pc has ryzen 5 5600x 32 gb ram and my speed connection its 100 mb. I don’t think it’s my computer or my internet since the download speed is fast. next time i will try brave-bin :smiley:

Just as an FYI, brave-bin will likely take less than 2-3 minutes. It downloads and installs the browser binary.

For the brave package, even after downloading, you then will need to build it which will probably take an hour or so additional after that…

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T_T i have the same problem with librewolf . Some any advice for libreoffice ???

Install librewolf-bin :slight_smile:

AUR packages without -bin at the end are often built from source. In most cases, this is a good thing. However, browsers usually have massive amounts of code. Building them from source is very time consuming.

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