Brave Browser unavailable via Discover

Just curious, but why isn’t Brave Browser available via Discover app? I know its available via AUR as brave-bin (so can install it with pamac or yay easy enough), but with all of the various browsers available via Discover, it seems like Brave (as popular as it is) would be included as an option.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Discover is an AUR helper.

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use yay -S brave-bin in terminal. Then I’d install pamac-all using yay -S pamac-all and not use Discover.

As others have pointed out, Discover doesn’t support the AUR.

It is honestly not the best tool for installing packages on Arch-based distros. It uses packagekit as a backend and packagekit doesn’t allow for any manual intervention so you can get in trouble using discover as a package manager for the repos.


So as not to hijack the thread this is all I’m saying on this in this thread, and that is removing Discover should be done on ANY Arch based distro using the KDE desktop, and replaced by Pamac.


^ There, I fixed it for you :slight_smile:


I would point out that if you don’t want to use discover for repo/packages updates, you can remove packagekit-qt5. This will leave discover in-place and usable for it’s other functionality but the built-in updater and discover’s ability to install and update repo packages will be removed.


What else is Discover used for?

It can install and update plasma and application addons. For examples, see screenshots below.

It can manage firmware updates via fwupd.

It can optionally be built with support for flatpak and/or snap as well. However, by default, the Arch package isn’t built with support for either.



A good laugh on how not to create a software updater would be my guess. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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It seems this should be done with Discover out of the box. I prefer pamac over Discover anyway. I’ll be removing the package kit functionality as suggested.

I still wonder why Brave is AUR only and not in the main Arch repositories?

Probably one or more of these reasons:

  • No Arch TU has been interested in adding it
  • It hasn’t reached a sufficient number of votes to warrant adding to the repos
  • It’s poor reputation within the community is holding it back

This is a question only Arch TUs can answer.

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But it doesn’t on mine. It shows that there are KDE add-ons updates available, but when I use Discover to update them, it fails every time, basically freezes.